Examination of Conscience for Confession

Second Commandment

All irreverence towards God's most Holy Name:

Have I taken God's name in vane or used it without respect in common conversation? How often?

Have I blasphemed God, His Saints or the Church? How often?

Have I taken a false oath, or sworn to what I did not certainly know whether it was true or false? How often?

Have I taken an oath to what was wicked or unlawful or broken my lawful oaths? How often?

Have I had a habit of swearing rashly and inconsiderately by the name of God, by my soul, etc.? How long have I had this habit and how many times a day have I sworn in this manner?

Have I sworn by the blood or wounds of God, or any other blasphemous oath? How often?

Have I cursed myself or others? Was this from my heart?

Have I been accessory to others cursing, swearing, or blaspheming by laughing at their sin as if I thought it amusing and wanted them to continue? How often?

Have I made a rash vow, without sufficient knowledge or deliberation? How often?

Have I broken any vow or solemn promise made to God? How often?

Have I been irreverent in Divine Service, and in churches and holy places even when service is not going on? How often?

Have I blamed God for my failings? How often?

Have I been guilt of perjury (lying under oath)? How often?

Have I spoken about the Faith, the Church, the Saints, or sacred things with irreverence, hatred or defiance? How often?

Have I watched Television, movies, videos, or listened to music that treated God, the Church, the Saints, or sacred things irreverently? How often?


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Music: Tomas Luis de Victoria - O vos omnes (The Tudor Consort) / CC BY 3.0