January 20th

The Arrival in Egypt

At length they reached the spot that God desired for their sojourn, in a land full of idols and idolaters. What uncongenial surroundings for the Holy Family, alone in the midst ot those who worshipped a false god! How painful for them to see God thus dishonored! In the same way many a Catholic has to dwell in a most uncongenial atmosphere--perhaps among heretics, or bad Catholics, or those whose words and looks and actions continually jar and cause pain. Patience! Jesus and Mary know by experience what such have here to suffer.

When the Holy Family arrived in Egypt, in the town where they came to dwell, all the idols in the temples fell prostrate to the ground, and were shattered to pieces. Thus when Christ comes to dwell within the soul, all that opposes itself to God is destroyed by His sacred Presence. If Jesus dwells with us, we shall no longer allow pride, envy, bitterness, self-will, discontent, to reign in our hearts.

The presence of the Holy Family in Egypt hallowed the spot where they sojourned. In early Christian times it was covered with the cells of the monks and hermits. Thus Jesus always leaves a blessing behind Him. When He comes to me in Holy Communion, if only I put no obstacle in the way, my soul will flourish with virtues and good works as the effect of His Presence.

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