January 24th

The Hidden Life

The life of each member of the Holy Family was from the first a hidden life, for it was a life hidden with God, and concealed from the busy world. The life of Jesus in Mary's womb was thus the model of the lives of all who desire to give themselves entirely to God; a life completely withdrawn from all that could interfere with a continual thought of God, and a continual union with Him by acts of adoration and of love. This should be my aim at least during such portions of the day as I am able to give to prayer and to spiritual things.

But a life of complete removal from external things is not possible on earth. It is reserved for the Blessed in Heaven. Even Joseph and Mary had sometimes to turn their thoughts to earthly things and to the cares of life. Yet they never lost sight of God, and amid the most distracting occupations the remembrance of Him was ever in their hearts. This should be my constant endeavor; thus to lead a hidden life by having ever hidden in my heart the precious treasure of the love of God.

But the hidden life of Mary and Joseph was from the very first much more than this; they, in the midst of the most distracting cares, had the gift of always having the thought of God actually present to them. Their conscious intercourse with Him never ceased. This is the nearest approach to the life of the Angels that is possible for mortal man on earth. What a contrast to my life, so often absorbed in worldly trifles!

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