January 25th

Mary's Hidden Life

Though Mary's life was essentially a hidden life, even from the beginning, yet we may date the hidden life which she enjoyed as Mother of God from the moment when He came to dwell in her chaste womb. Before this she had the thought of God always in her heart; now she had God Himself within her. By day and by night, sleeping and waking, she had the Infinite God not only present to her, not only within her, but bone of her bone, and flesh of her flesh. Who can understand this mystery? Who can ever fathom the depth of God's love for Mary, if He could rejoice in dwelling in her immaculate womb?

St. Paul was so closely united to Jesus that he could say with literal truth: "It is no more I that live, but Christ that lives in me." How far more truly and literally could Mary make these words her own. In every possible sense they were true of her during the nine months that followed. Yet with us in Holy Communion our Lord makes Himself one in a manner scarcely less wonderful. Ask yourself how far you can make St. Paul's words your own.

What, too, can have been the nature of the intercourse of Mary with Him who was far nearer to her than to any other of all the creatures that He had made? Her prayers had not to be carried up by angels to the throne of God; for God had come down to be not only her guest, but was so entirely one with her that every throb of her heart was echoed in His. Wonder at Mary's privileges, and reflect what must have been her unapproachable holiness to have merited them.

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