January 9th

The Magi's Stay at Jerusalem

When the star disappeared, the Magi were not disconcerted. If God saw fit to withdraw His direct and extraordinary supernatural guidance, they must fall back on the ordinary means. So. they sought for information from those on the spot as to the birthplace of the King of the Jews. Sometimes God leads us by His holy inspirations, sometimes He leaves us to discover His will by natural means. We cannot expect to live always, in the blaze of supernatural light showing us the way.

When Herod heard of the arrival of these distinguished strangers, and of their inquiries after a new-born King, he was troubled. The tyrant dreaded lest he should be superseded. It is one of the miseries of pride that it lives in continual dread of being set aside and humbled. Humility is never troubled, because it always loves the lowest place and rejoices in its own discomfiture.

The priests, when consulted, declared with one voice that Bethlehem was to be the birthplace of the King of the Jews. Yet they manifested no desire to follow the Magi thither. Their knowledge of the truth created in them no wish to carry it into practice. They could teach others, but they did not themselves act on the lessons they taught. How often have I done the same! I preach so well: I practice so ill.

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