Litany of Faith

(by Pope Pius VI, 1775 - 1799)

Lord, have mercy upon me.
Christ, have mercy upon me.
Lord, have mercy upon me.

O God the Father of heaven,
Have mercy on me. *

O God the Son, Redeemer of the world, *
O God the Holy Ghost, *
O Holy Trinity, one God, *
Thou, who being eternal truth, canst not deceive, *
Thou, who being infallible wisdom canst not be deceived, *
Thou, who hast built thy church on an immovable rock, *
Thou, who hast promised continual succor to thy church, *

That thou art the one true God, who rewardeth the good and punishest evil,
I believe firmly, O my God. **

That thou art one in essence and three in person, **
That thy divine Son became man and died for the salvation of the world, **
All that thou hast revealed in Holy Scripture; all that Jesus Christ has taught us in his Holy Gospel; all that the holy Apostles have preached; all that the General Councils have declared truths of faith; all that the Catholic Church orders me to believe, **
All articles of faith, written and unwritten, **
Without any hesitation or doubt; with an entire submission of my mind; with a perfect consent of my will; with an interior and exterior confession, **
On account of Thy supreme majesty; on account of Thy infallible word; on account of thy veracity, and infallibility, **
Even if it becomes for me a cause of persecution; even if I must lose all I possess; even if it costs me my life, **
In union with the lively faith of all the just; in union with the constant faith of all the martyrs; in union with the most perfect faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary, **

Our Father.

Let us pray:

O God, who, in the superabundance of thy goodness, hast called me to the true Catholic faith, give me the grace to persevere, constantly to the end of my life. Cast, too, a look of mercy on the heretics and unbelievers for whom thy divine Son shed his precious blood; enlighten and fortify them by thy supernatural grace, in order that they may acknowledge the true church in which alone men can be saved, and may courageously enter that church, without human fear, temporal motives, and vain subterfuges, and that thus by a true and active confession of faith they may attain everlasting salvation. Amen.