by Rev. Henry Formby, 1872

This book will be seen to consist is substance of a selection of extracts chiefly taken from the writings of the great Saints and Doctors of the Church, nearly all of them probably now for the first time accessible in the English language. Great care, however, has also been taken to point out the several stages or steps in the progress of the Divine work of human redemption, to which each of the fifteen mysteries bears its respective and most instructive testimony. To the above has likewise been added a somewhat new feature, in the careful comparison of each mystery with its corresponding types of the Old Testament. This has been done as well for the sake of the general preservative efficacy against unbelief, which such an insight into the marvelous methods by which Divine Wisdom, long ages ago, has prepared the way for the Christian mysteries could not but be calculated to have on the mind; as also for the sake of the new and beautiful light which the comparison with the type is frequently found to reflect upon the mystery itself.

. . . How wonderful, then is the difference between the two mothers, Eve and Mary! Eve, ashamed to make an open confession in the presence of a visitor of her subjection to the law of her God, yields an ear to the voice of a seducing spirit, and is led by him, step by step, into the breach of the divine law. Mary, glorying in her subjection to her vow of virginity, and not willing to accept even the words of an archangel sent from heaven as containing a release from it, obtains from God not only the full measure of the glorious prospect that has been proposed to her, but over and above, the singular and unexampled prerogative of uniting with the joys of her maternity the glory and grace of remaining a virgin. Eve, who for the sake of a delusive prospect of advancement tramples under foot the law of her God, not only discovers the particular prospect proposed to her to have been a cheat, but is compelled to forfeit the dignity she already had, and to become subject to death with all her children/ Mary, esteeming her duty to God sovereign over every other thought, obtains God Himself for her son, and to be called "Blessed" by all generations. "Peccatrix eva sed Reparatrix Maria.". . . . Page 21

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